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Soon after arriving in Melbourne from England in 1867, W.H. Deague became one of the city’s leading builders. Five generations of Deagues have since built on his original passion and commitment for property development.

The Deague Group is a 162-year-old integrated property development company with a proud family history that firmly binds it to the fabric of the Australian property story.

Our dynamic growth is supported by two divisions. The Property and Development division, which drives new property purchases and opportunities, and our Group of Companies division which comprises of our numerous operational businesses.


We bring an entrepreneurial flair to everything we do — from how we select a site, to how we build it, and the sales and delivery process. We’re proud to be change agents who bring a uniquely innovative approach to all our projects.

While we’re best known for the Art Series Hotels, we’re currently focused on mixed-use developments with an end-to-end property solution that covers development, sales, services and management.

Our strategy of taking a broad geographic focus affords us the freedom to go wherever we find suitable opportunities that accord with our long term vision. The successful formula for selecting these opportunities has been forged out of the experience garnered by five generations of Deague’s.


We imagine, identify, acquire, develop, manage, own, market and sell innovative business and property solutions through our outstanding people, products and services. This establishes a new industry benchmark for our investors, guests and clients.

Core beliefs

We are fully committed to the health and safety of our workforce.

We take educated risks in developing our assets, expanding our businesses and investing in technology.

Service and Presentation 
We make sure our service exceeds client and guest expectations, and present all of our properties in meticulous, five-star fashion.

We are inspired and we want to inspire. Inspiration is that core intangible that separates us from our competitors. It drives our voice and personality, and impacts everything we do.

Efficiency and Effectiveness
Our people are always looking for ways to work with each other, and to find safer, faster more cost-efficient ways to provide exactly what our clients, guests and investors want.

To us, change remains the only constant. We embrace it as a positive way to create and deliver better products and services, and to continually raise the bar within our business.

Long-term vision

Deague Group has preserved a family spirit that prioritises long-term thinking.

We want to continue developing our commercial, residential and mixed-use properties. We remain committed to the rapid growth of our operational businesses — particularly APTel, APSO and MCO — through our own developments and externally.

Key values

Our high standards of service, presentation and innovation inspires loyalty, repeat patronage and referrals from our many guests, clients and stakeholders. Through support, commitment, education and efficiency we inspire our colleagues and are inspired by them. We encourage bold decision making and maintain and appreciate difference and positive change.

We respect ourselves, our colleagues and everyone associated with our business for who they are and the valuable contribution they make. We respect each other’s opinions, abilities and skills and look to provide opportunities for development and growth. Importantly, we understand respect goes both ways.

Through personal and professional growth we’re committed to being the best we can be by giving 100%, 100% of the time. We exceed expectations, we’re innovative and we play to win.

We celebrate our colleagues, our business and our successes. We have fun and we’re passionate about what we do. And we’re not afraid to thank anyone who deserves it.

We empower our people to achieve great things. We trust our leadership, our teams and our individuals to strive for the absolute best, and we actively provide them with opportunities to take ownership of what they’re doing.

Talk straight
Much is made of the virtue of talking straight in today’s corporate culture. But, for us, this is not just lip-service; it’s crucial to how we operate. We’re open and honest, we trust and respect each other, and we stand-up for what we believe in.

Key objectives

We are one team, with one focus, that’s proudly united in everything we do. We work together towards common goals and support each other above all else.

Being competent across a wide range of fields and activities in property development ensures we can help clients from all our different divisions.

The industry-leading know-how of our experienced and professional people has garnered us an enviable reputation as ‘the’ property experts.

Service & Presentation
We make sure our service always exceeds client and guest expectations, and present all of our properties in meticulous, five-star fashion.